Radon and Pets

The main route of exposure to radon and its progeny is inhalation. When breathing in radon, radioactive particles from radon gas can get trapped in the lungs. Over time, these radioactive particles increase the risk of lung cancer in both humans and animals. It may take years before health problems appear.

How does Radon Impact Your Pets?

Pets are among the most sensitive to the exposure to radon due to several factors:

  • First, radon concentration in closed areas is higher, which makes health concerns bigger for both people and animals that spend more time indoors. Many pets spend on average 90-95% of their time inside. Some indoor pets, such as cats, spend their entire life inside the house, which makes their health dependent on the indoor air quality.
  • Second, pets are constantly sniffing floors and spend a lot of time close to the ground, which puts them at higher risk for radon-induced lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. If you have basement and your pet loves spending time there, it is highly recommended that you test your house for radon. Concentration of radon in basements is higher as they are underground.
  • Third, our four-legged friends have smaller lungs, which can become damaged much more quickly than human lungs. This means that they could get sick faster. In addition, radon poisoning symptoms in pets develop over time and are difficult to be identified.   You may not know that your pet has radon poisoning until they start showing cancer-related symptoms, such as fever, abnormal swellings, coughing and lack of appetite, excessive throwing up, lameness, and breathing difficulties.

The combination of all these factors makes pets extremely vulnerable to higher levels of radon. Luckily, as dangerous as radon is, its negative effects could be easily reduced. The first step is to test your home for radon. This is the only way to know whether your property is at risk and whether you need a radon mitigation system. Start by contacting us for a radon test appointment.

"The Bark Side of Radon" - Radon Environmental Canada

The Bark Side of Radon is a Canadian national public awareness campaign presented by Radon Environmental. It promotes home-owner radon testing through pet health. The campaign has some famous ambassadors: The videos below show why Mike Holmes Jr. and Sherry Holmes consider radon testing essential for their four-legged family members: